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posted Aug 6, 2008, 10:53 PM by Benz rad   [ updated Aug 6, 2008, 11:02 PM ]
i got the news from google sites blog, saying now google sites can also have custom url, not restricted to google apps sites previously, and i didn't hesitate to adding links of sites of my baby son, warren, hope of China, into the sidebar of my current 5 sites under my firefox again ill working, letting u adding and responsed succeeded while a reload of the page ur work all disappeared. so i added them in ie. the dog in China surveillance likely tentatively want me using ie, rather firefox. now my baby's sites have their new short custom url:
warranzh, China under war fire-baptism at
warrantzh, arm China to safeguard the World at
wardzh, treat China in its longest nightmare at
warwinzh, save China from war fire-baptism at
beinzh, beingzh, burning people in destructive nation at
i called the 5 sites the next generation sites under my family the Royal. i know after wind and rain, God will see through the clouds over my business here.