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changed google gadget setting to display feed link, not descrpition, which sometimes too long to display link in the end

posted Jun 18, 2008, 6:59 AM by Benz rad   [ updated Jun 18, 2008, 6:59 AM ]
its quite a chore. the previous and default setting of the custom rss reader google gadget let displaying post item's description, which quite some case too long to display link to the original post in the end of description, and made reading original post impossible. in some case, esp. youtube channel playlist, its intolerable, for the movie missing, but only a picture, can't reach the posted movie. so i launched tonight changed all custom rss reader gadget among my google apps sites to display link directly. in the end when i attempted to post announcement of site update, my browser hanged once and i had to reword this announcement. i doubting if under China surveillance attacks.
after all, now i got what i need. u can see the result on dashboard of any sites among my google apps sites, like Lobby of benzyrnill , or Memorial Lounge , or 检录场 , or Mission Room ,etc.