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turning all my youtube publication into my vidpod via converting search result into feeds.

posted Aug 22, 2008, 11:16 PM by Benz rad   [ updated Aug 22, 2008, 11:20 PM ]
i got the news from my reading on google related news. the site, , offer a service to turn ur youtube search result into a video podcast list. i searched for a youtube player for quite some time but in vain, now it arrived. so i launched to make youtube search for my title, my baby warren's title, and our family corp., or China Demoracy title. the site has problem with converting search query including "*", so i tried other means and finally got exact search result including my family youtube videos.
now u can watch or download my family different channel vidpods on my google apps sites' dashboard. u can also subscribe our vidpod via rss:
my youtube vidpod(key words: benzrad, benzillar, "ben zhu", "benz zhu"):
warren zhu's youtube vidpod(key words: warrenzh, warranzh, warwinzh, wardzh, warrantzh, warrenzeu, warranzeu, "warren zhu"):, or China Democracy youtube vidpod(key words: be21zh, "", "China democracy"):
baby's mother, ema king, also has her youtube vidpod (key words: emakingir, "ema king", emagarten, emakeit):

i believe, with a search query, the link that can subscribe can bring always updated vidpod published by my family. hope u enjoy them on my google sites dashboard.